About Us and The Rules

Delaware's newest film experience! A 2-screen drive-in theatre located at 1061 Songsmith Drive, behind the Lowes Home Improvement Center in Bear, Delaware!

 Welcome to The Bear Drive-In!
The following rules are for your safety.  Your compliance will be appreciated.
You will be watching the feature in a field that has uneven terrain.  Everyone must wear shoes at all times.
Tickets can be purchased online by clicking on the showtime or at the box office.  We accept cash and credit cards at the box office.
Pets are prohibited.
Minors are welcome, but must be supervised.
Lift gates and doors cannot be raised higher than the top clearance of the vehicle.
Please remain with your vehicle.
The driver is responsible for turning off headlights prior to entering the drive-in. The driver should read whatever vehicle manual instructions necessary to extinguish headlights and/or daytime running lights prior to entering the drive-in. If you cannot turn your headlights off, you must cover them before entering the field. Any vehicle arriving at the box office and entering the field while our main features are on screen must have on running lights only.
Please do not use your horn or flash your lights.  Do not shine any type of light at the screen.  Laser pointers are strictly forbidden.
Larger vehicles, vans, trucks, and SUVs are prohibited from parking in the center of the theatre.
You may not have your car running during the feature.  You may occasionally start your vehicle for a minute to keep your battery charged.
Shoes and shirts are required when visiting the concession stand.
No smoking.  Non-compliant patrons will be escorted off of the property.
Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on the premises.
Cooking, grilling, or preparation of any food on the premises is not permitted. 
Never approach the box office on foot. Please see a manager or our field crew with any questions or concerns.
Each driver is responsible for maintaining a speed of 5 MPH while entering, exiting, and traveling throughout the drive-in’s field. Speed violations will result in expulsion from the drive-in without any refund regardless of whether the movie has or has not started.
Patrons are welcome to bring in their own portable radios and lawn chairs if they so desire. Chairs must be placed in front of the vehicle.
Sitting on your vehicle's roof is not permitted.
No re-entry. If you leave the drive-in for any reason, you will not be permitted to re-enter.